In March this year the government ordered everything to shut down as infection rate was at its peak. Recently the government has lifted most of the lockdown rules allowing non essential businesses to reopen, and from 4th July, the Government has allowed resumption of public worship.

We would like to let you know that our church, House of Prayer Ministries, will reopen on SUNDAY 26 JULY 2020 for our 1st post-lockdown worship service.

We understand, from the government guidelines, that the virus is still circulating out there. However, the government estimates that adhering to the guidelines will reduce the risk of infections. So, places of worship like ours should adhere to these guidelines to keep everyone safe. It is also important to mention that we will have to live with this until a viable vaccine is found. Sooner or later we have got to get back to some sort of normality.

We thank God that Devon and Cornwall is one of the lowest infected areas in the UK but we’ve got to stay vigilant and adhere to the guidelines.

These are the guidelines for places of worship:

• There is no numerical ‘cap’ on services, but social distancing and Public Health requirements must be met.
• The two-metre ‘rule’ applies for public worship except in situations where closer contact cannot be avoided. If people are wearing face-coverings the one metre plus rule applies;

• Wearing of face-coverings is voluntary (But we highly recommend face-coverings unless exempted for medical or other reasons. Children do NOT have to).
• While those at extra risk and the ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ should be advised of the risks of attending public worship, a decision to do so is theirs alone.
• Government guidance includes a request for names of attendees to be recorded and kept for 21 days to assist ‘track and trace’ if required.
• Singing, chanting and playing of brass or woodwind instruments are not recommended, but a further update will follow soon. (We’re going to have ONLY ONE SINGER to lead the worship and a limited number of musicians on stage to

adhere to two-metre ‘rule’. There are different expressions of worship so this is the best time to explore them).
• Detailed instructions on ‘consumables’ suggest that services of Holy Communion can be held if specific guidance is followed, including the continued suspension of the Common Cup.

• Refreshments can only be served at tables if a cafeĢ is included in the church or cathedral building. (For now there will be NO refreshments served until it’s safe to do so.)

We understand that there could still be people who are anxious about coming to church, if that’s your case then please feel NO pressure to attend. If you have a concern and would like to talk please ring us on 07943 675 730 or text, we will be happy to help.


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