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Being Kingdom-minded

Pst. Charly Kongolo | Jun 22, 2019

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God. Pastor Charly explores this very important topic. What does it mean for us? How to be Kingdom-minded? ....

A focused life

Pst. Charly Kongolo | Jul 14, 2019

Focussing your life on the most important thing you were created to be is very important. The first stage is to find the purpose for your life and focus on it. Many a time we do mo ....
Knowing God is so important. This message from Pastor Eric is showing God why is so important to desire knowing God in a deeper relationship. ....

Shaped & Equipped

Pst. Charly Kongolo | Aug 7, 2019

God shaped and equipped you for what He created you to be. You have everything you need for ministry in you. He has custom-designed you in a unique way so that you and you ....
What you think determines how you feel. It's important to align thinking with the word of God to feel right. This sermon takes you through the journey of right thinking to help you ....



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